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Lord Hayden AvatarWell, faithful readers, I’ve had a few people ask me recently if I’d be interested in doing a video blog as well as all that I write on the physical blog.

From this, I could go to antique fairs and review pieces, we could go through all 500+ of my own babies and I could put them on show, giving much of the text a visual context. I often write to assume that some people know what I’m on about, but if there was a visual aid, perhaps that may be better.

So, if you’re interested, let me know!

Lord Hayden Peters on The Collectors ABC

Yes, jewellery collectors and those who fancy an odd curiosity – you can now download ABC’s Collectors with my segment (shot in my ‘Victorian Room’) or the whole episiode which has me giving an interview in the studio itself.

I think the whole episode is the best, as you get a little bit more Lord Hayden for your bandwidth, but I’ll let you be the judge:

Link > Direct Segment (MP4)WMV

Full episode with download is coming soon. This one has my in-studio interview!

As a thank you to all, I’ll be having daily updates to Art of Mourning, with some wonderful discussions of historical pieces. Keep visiting for more, join the RSS feed or join the mailing list!

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