My Own Grand Tour

August 10, 2011

I’m going abroad, departing on a treasure hunt in less than a week!

Although my destinations are further north than the traditional Grand Tour, nonetheless there is plenty for me to explore. However, I would love some input into suggested museums, particularly smaller or private ones in Prague, Vienna, Hamburg and Berlin. Do you know any that you would recommend?

The Victoria & Albert Museum London. I'm hoping to see some of Dame Joan Evans' collection there.

Also, and most importantly, can you recommend any antique markets, shops and dealers that might be off the beaten track?

I am definitely visiting Gray’s Antiques and Alfies Antiques in London, not to mention the V&A and British Museum – it would be a travesty not too.

Gray's Antiques London - my Nirvana

So, please comment or contact me with any suggestions for London, Vienna, Prague, Hamburg and Berlin. If my entree into the virtual world proves to be stable and functioning I will do my utmost to keep you posted of adventures and finds.

I promise to write!

– Marielle Soni

After travelling the earth for several weeks, I’m back and ready to look exploring new areas of jewellery! But before all that, I’ll pop a series of images on the blog of what I’ve taken back with me. All in all, everything came together very well – it was very interesting to see the different perceptions of mourning jewellery around the world. In some cultures, it’s the jewellery found on the peripherals of good taste or desirability, in others, it’s coveted and respected with the reverence it deserves.

And before I forget, a quick thank you to everyone whom I met overseas that visit the site! Your enthusiasm and passion for the subject is what keeps this collecting/educational mania alive.

Without further ado, here’s a blue enamel mourning ring from 1803 encrusted with some rather nice diamonds.

Diamond Urn Mourning Ring Blue Enamel 1803 / Bought in LondonDiamond Urn Mourning Ring Blue Enamel 1803 / Bought in London

In Memory of Collecting

The time has come for me to spread the good word of memorial jewellery around the world for the next several weeks, so in my absence, we’re going to be revisiting some old friends from the crypt. There will be new Symbolism Sunday posts every (Australian timed) Sunday morning and they’re getting bigger every week!

So, if you’ve just only found the site in the past few months, look forward to some wonderful mourning and sentimental jewellery insights, in-depth discussion and more information than a jewellery historian has any right to know in any one lifetime. By the time I get back, I expect you to be teaching me.

Forget me not, jewellery lovers, we’ve only just begun!

Oh, and if you want to follow my jewellery adventures, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and I’ll be posting from all around  the globe (or as much as I can!)

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