Show and Tell

June 28, 2010

QuestionSo, it’s Monday, the weekend is now just a memory (perhaps we should have some jewellery made to remember it by). This begs the question – did you find anything wonderful on the weekend and if so, what was it?

Tell all in the comments below!

Hunting Season

June 9, 2010

QuestionIt’s that time of the year in Melbourne, the days are getting a little shorter and a little darker, the temperature is cooler and the antique fairs are hitting thick and fast.

There aren’t as many as several years ago, but perhaps that’s a good thing. When you have several fairs on week after week for a short period of time, there is the danger of ‘antiques fatigue’, when your brain is addled from the long drives, muscling through people trying to look at a cabinet and the eventual decline in the size of your wallet. Sometimes a break is a good thing.

So how do you handle it? Do you go to every fair at any time of the year with nothing holding you back? Or are you a little more discerning and save yourself for what you consider the ‘good stuff’?

Post away in the comments if you can!

Question of the Day

May 18, 2010

QuestionI’m opening the floor today and I need your help!

Who here has got a favourite antique dealer? This can be worldwide. Who are they, where are they based and why are they your favourite?

Comment below!

Question of the Day

March 24, 2010

QuestionI think we’re far enough form the weekend for the question to be asked; did you find any treasures?

I’m planning another weekend of treasure hunting for the upcoming weekly respite, but this past weekend, the only places that received my presence were Ruby Lane and eBay. Oh well, if I missed anything, perhaps it wasn’t to be.

Comment below and tell your tales of treasure hunting!

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