Another year and I can’t wait to discover new treasures. If you’re in the Melbourne area, come along and we can do some treasure hunting together:

MELBOURNE ANTIQUES FAIR brings the best expo of antiques and fine art to the traditional home of Melbourne’s Antiques Fairs – Malvern Town Hall in the leafy inner east.

This quality Fair presents antique furniture and décor, works of art (portraits, oils, watercolours), original prints & maps, Australiana, Art Deco, clocks & timepieces, bronzes, lamps, sterling silver, ceramics & glass, antiquities, jewellery and rare objects.

Choose eclectic objects to reflect your personality. Meet enthusiastic experts who know what today’s collectors are looking for. Start collecting!”

Gala Preview
Thursday, June 9, 6.30pm-9.30pm

Friday, June 10, 10.00am-7.00pm
Saturday, June 11, 10.00am-5.00pm
Sunday, June 12, 10.00am-5.00pm
Monday, June 13, 10.00am-4.00pm

Parking: On Street parking.

Transport to the door by tram to Cnr Glenferrie Rd & High St: Route 6, Stop 44.

Changes in the collecting landscape of Melbourne, Australia owe a lot to the new generation of collectors and the shifting focus from Antique Centres as museums, to multi-faceted warehouses containing junk/vintage/retro objects (who would have known that He-Man figure or M&M dispenser would be worth money?) to the antique.

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Well, it’s that time of the week where it’s time to venture forth into the world and discover some treasures. Today will be Daylesford, Geelong and perhaps even Ballarat (again!). What will come of it? Find out in a future post!

On the 6th, 7th and 8th of March of 2010 is the last big antique fair in Ballarat, Australia. No, it’s not the last one that will occur, but it is the largest one left.

Oh Melbourne, what happened? Park Lane Antique Centre used to hold one of the largest antique fairs at the Caulfield Racecourse and the turn-out was always large, the vendors were plentiful, friendly and came from all over Australia. Much of my money took flight at that fair.

There was the Camberwell Antique Fair, which is on again / off again and that was always when the year was winding down from fair season. Not the biggest or the best, but it was the nice refresher to a good season of antique hunting.

Multiple fairs dotted the state with lots of passion from everyone attending. But all of a sudden, it stopped.

Many of the big fairs have migrated north and still maintain a healthy flow of patronage, but here, the last few moved from the city to regional centres. After talking with many of the dealers, it seems that many are winding down and don’t want to participate like  they used to. Others say that Melbourne has a good many visitors who treat it like a museum. The common calls of ‘I used to own something like this’ or ‘they want $100 for a glass? I can get that at Ikea for $2’ do break the heart of the dealer and the serious collector, but I do miss the old days.

By 2000, Park Lane and other antique centres on High Street Malvern started to either cease or change their positioning from antique centres to homewares stores. Malvern Antique Centre, Camberwell Antique Market and the Tyabb are are still going strong, but the life of the big antique centre is swiftly becoming an antique itself. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as you’ll find in another post!

Everyone, go to Ballarat this weekend and have fun!

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