This will sound like sacrilege to a collector, but quite often, I just don’t care for auctions.

Oh come on, surely you get a little tired of either putting your hand up at an auction and having someone shoot you and angry glance, then joust their hand high in the air as if they were saluting an invisible dictator. Surely you get a little tired of the auctioneer’s constant baiting and ribbing. You may even get a little sick of the auction house premiums…

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Modern mourning rings aren’t uncommon, as a matter of fact, from any big event that has shaken western society, there’s a good chance that some memorial item has been created.

That’s why it’s not very strange that this particular ring has been made, you can find them on eBay.

So, if you’re feeling bad and your bank account isn’t looking too dangerous, then don’t feel like a smooth criminal and buy one now*

Available now in tungsten carbide.

* There’s no excuse for those horrible puns… I’m sorry…

ebay is the Way?

March 14, 2010

I wrote in a previous post about the decline of the venerable Melbourne antique centres during the early naughties and I think one of the strongest reasons for this decline is related to eBay.

And why not? ebay is a global forum for sellers to compete on prices, it gives the buyer instant gratification (been looking all over town for that Georgian miniature and nothing has come up for years? Check eBay, it’ll be there) and that collector’s bug can be squashed with the push of a button.

So is it right that when you walk into a store and see a piece that you know has an extra digit on the price tag when you’ve just seen it for nothing online? Of course it is, that’s the seller’s prerogative. You don’t have to buy from a shop or eBay, you’re a grown person, you can do what you want.

But consider this; the piece on eBay is being judged by four or five dimly lit pictures and the price is too good to be true. A physical shop will often open the cabinet and let you handle the piece, letting you scrutinise it for yourself.

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