Symbolism Sunday: The Daisy

December 19, 2010

Daisy Nouveau Locket

The daisy is one of those symbols used quite liberally in jewellery. It’s dainty, pure and quite pretty as a flower, so how does that translate to symbolism? Well, quite rightly, innocence of child, youth, gentleness and purity of thought are the primary thoughts behind this, so when seen in jewellery and given as a love token, it’s a beautiful loving sentiment without being so overt as a rose may be.

jewellery symbolism daisyThis is why much of the second-half 19th century jewellery seen as love tokens take the style of the daisy. You often find a ring with a central stone or material surrounded by other stones or materials (think a diamond in the centre with pearls/opals/garnets/turquoise) surrounding in a daisy motif. This style is still heavily produced today.

Daisies were also used quite liberally in much of the late Victorian silver work, such as lockets, as it was a floral motif that merged in well with the Neo-Rococo Revival styles of the Victorian era and then into the Art Nouveau period.

jewellery symbolism daisyNice and short this week, far from the madness of last week, so go out and have fun on this glorious day! Take some time to smell the flowers.

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