1797 Mourning Sampler

November 9, 2010

1797 Mourning Needlework SamplerOver the next few Needlework and Art updates, I’ll be referencing this piece, as it shows the evolution of the sampler form quite well.

Over the period of 1780s to 1914, the samplers evolved in their construction, but the techniques and motifs behind them tend to be based upon the same ideal. This piece has a floral weaving arrangement as a border, along with alphanumeric motifs.

1797 Mourning Needlework SamplerThis may not show any particular mourning motif, but the inscription on the above sampler resonates as a personal expression for the loss of a loved one. Note how the metallic sheen of the woven thread still retains its lustre.

Courtesy: Barbara Robbins

To the Memory of Mr. John Crompton, Aged 21

“In truth sincere, in disposition kind,
With such unfeign’d humility of mind,
His talents great, his manners were demure,
His sense refin’d, his conversation pure.
His friendship lasting, was with east retain’d
For in his bosom, friendship’s precepts reign’d,
But more than this, his Piety was true.
-“His study duty,” virtues found in few.
Such was Crompton. Within whose youthful breast,
The deeds of vice, ne’er had their wonted rest.
But Heav’n was pleas’d to stop the fleeting hour.
And blight the fragrance of the opening flower.
We mourn. But not for him remov’d from pain.
Our loss we trust is his Eternal gain.
Like him we’ll stirve to win the Saviors love.
And hope to join him with the blest above.

Sarah Holt 1797

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