The Iron Duke in a Black Glass Cameo

September 15, 2011

Duke of Wellington Mourning Cameo

In much the same way as this commemorative medallion for Princess Charlotte of Wales, this exceptional cameo souvenir resonates with the same intent. Capturing the profile of a popular figure upon their passing is certainly no modern tradition, but one that dates back into the ancient. This particular cameo comes from the collection of Simon Millard and a fine piece it is:

“It was produced as a souvenir of the state occasion of the funeral of the Duke of Wellington. The duke died on September 14th 1852, and his funeral at St Pauls on the 18th November 1852 was one of the grandest public spectacles of the 19th century. Many souvenirs were produced for the occasion, ( though they’re very rare now ) of which this black glass mourning cameo was one.”

Duke of Wellington Mourning CameoFurther Reading
> Wikipedia on the Funeral of the Duke of Wellington
> Richard Holmes: Wellington: The Iron Duke
> John Morley: Death, Heaven and the Victorians

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