Monday Mourning

August 15, 2011

Memories are the essential reason for the creation of these wonderful gems that we adore so much and it is through the further learning and interaction with them that future generations can keep them alive in both the physical and educational sense.

On that note, it’s great to see that so many of you are out there and joining in! I created Art of Mourning six years ago to pass on the knowledge I have to keep these pieces alive and to educate as many as possible about them, now it’s become a busy Facebook page, a Twitter feed for everything memorial and curious and now there’s a growing number of contributors to the site!

Marielle Soni has written some fabulous articles (with many more to come) and now Sarah Nehama, jeweller and long-time collector, is the newest addition to the Art of Mourning family!

For those who are new to the site, why not go back through the archives, search for a random word or year, join in with the group on Facebook (feel free to say hi, post what you like and don’t be shy) and if you have a spare moment, here are some random links:

Like photography? Here’s a series on photography in jewellery (not for the faint of heart with post-mortem photography and spirit photography):
> Photography in Jewellery (Parts 1-7)

How about spotting some analysis for all you curious types?
> Is It, Or Isn’t It? Heart Pendant – First Impressions

The seeds are delicious and it can be used to make some rather addictive substances, but what about poppy symbolism in jewellery and art?
> Symbolism Sunday, The Poppy

Let’s look at a brooch, how it applies to trade in the late 18th century and why seed pearls are so damn lovely:
> Pearl and Blue Glass/Enamel Brooch: How Trade Opened Up New Possibilities in the 18th Century

Ok, if you’re new, welcome to Art of Mourning and if you’re a long-time reader – thank you. Without you, none of this would be possible and keep those memories alive!

One Response to “Monday Mourning”

  1. Glenda Brantley Says:

    Hello What a wonderful site! I have a really beautiful mourning broach I had purchased at a yard sale and just accidently found your site.while trying to get some info about it. I love it! I am so fascinated with these parts of hertiage and the beauty and history of the pieces which you have displayed.I would love to send you some pictures and just a little bit of info that I have on my broach. Thank you and I look forward to your emails Look forward to your reply,Glenda Brantley

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