Helping to Create Memories

July 21, 2011

In Memory of Collecting

A collector is truly the fabric that binds history. Without the collector, the history and the stories of all that have come before would be lost, we carry this knowledge from generation to generation and honour all that has come before. And of course, to collect means to be a part of a bigger whole, a community of collectors and storytellers who can take the message of this history out to a larger audience.

I created Art of Mourning as a way to weave together collectors from around the world, as a place to use my knowledge to share and expand upon this magnificent facet of history in jewellery. Mourning, memorial and sentimentality are at their essence love and to keep those memories alive by sharing knowledge down the generations means that the history and the people involved with these tokens of affection will never die as long as they are remembered.

So, it is on this occasion, much like the established Facebook Group (which I welcome you all to join!) that I share the blog with other collectors and historians. Marielle Soni, a fellow collector, will be sharing her brilliant knowledge and passion for memorial jewels in future posts. Her insights and history of collecting will no doubt inspire and educate generations of collectors, so look out for her posts in the coming days and weeks!

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