Suffer a Jet Locket!

July 18, 2011

For more on Jet and its similar materials, have a look at these articles and for something beautiful, read the below from Barbara Robbins!

jet cameo pendant 1879

“I love this one because someone has clearly had a jet case made for the family sepia memorial, and for a current family member at the same time. I tried very very hard to get good photos with no glare , but sometimes, when these items have glass, it is almost impossible.  I’ve taken two of the sepia, or rather I’m sending 2, because I took about 20.  You can choose which you think is the better of the two.
Anyway, one side has the initials  “CGU, 1879”.  The other side of the locket, I guess the front, has the earlier sepia brooch under glass so that it shows through.  That pendant reads “On Thee the Memory Delights to Dwell.”  Then, one can open the locket and find wonderful hairwork on one side (I suspect that belongs to the 1879 death) and the back of the brooch, all under glass.  The back of the brooch reads “Anneu Rogers.”  That seems a strange name, so if you can make it out to be any different, do so, but there is so much glare on the back.  It could be ANNW, but that’s just as strange, so take your pick.  It goes on to say “Departed the 16th June , in her 55th year, 1787.  Maybe that name is Anna.  Think I’ll call it that, because that makes more sense, but that last letter surely looks like a w, but maybe that’s because it’s curling into the R, so let’s assume she’s Anna.  Anyway, this is one of my favs”

jet cameo pendant 1879

jet cameo pendant 1879

jet cameo pendant 1879

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