Four Treasures Within a Locket

June 27, 2011

Four Treasure Sentimental Locket 1830

I love lockets, next to rings, they’re one of the most popular items of mourning/sentimental jewellery. Why is this so? They defy fashion, they’re worn over the heart and they can be as obvious as you want them to be. Also, the secretive nature of them denotes that their use is private, unless it’s emblazoned with a large motif, it could be for friendship, mourning or love sentiment.

I found this in London and fell in love with it. There’s another identical one in Kenwood House on display with hairwork in the frames, dating from c.1830:

Four Treasure Sentimental Locket 1830

Four Treasure Sentimental Locket 1830

2 Responses to “Four Treasures Within a Locket”

  1. An exquisite locket. We love it. Who adorned those apertures originally? Very unusual, we have not seen its equal. A fantastic blog and website. Your passion shines through.

    • Thank you for the kind words! I’ve spent half my life trying to educate and share the passion for these magnificent items and if I can at least get anyone aware/interested in them, then I feel satisfied! As for this wonderful item, there’s a pristine one on display at Kenwood House in London with its original hair (a different sort for each member of the family). The hairwork itself is just a twist and not woven, but just lovely. I took a rather naff picture of it and posted that on the Art of Mourning Facebook page if you’re interested!

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