Symbolism Sunday Memorial

May 22, 2011

It’s Sunday morning and suddenly I’m not there to entertain you over breakfast for a healthy conversation about old symbols in jewellery. What happened?

Well, fear not, I’m currently writing an article for publication and just returned safe and sound from a 6 week Grand Tour of the planet Earth, so I’m decompressing and finding out ways that my tour can actually benefit the collecting/academic community at large – for those who want to travel and discover jewellery and meet like-minded enthusiasts.

So, this is where I need you! If you’ve enjoyed the Symbolism Sunday posts, I need you to comment below, in the Facebook group or on Twitter and let me know what symbols you’d like me to discuss. I’m very interested in hearing what you want and would love to write about any symbol out there (yes, even the ones that are incredibly difficult to tie back to memorial and sentimental jewels).

If you need a little help with this, there’s the listing of symbols relevant to the jewellery over at the main Art of Mourning site here, or you can look around in your collection, on eBay, Ruby Lane, Rowan and Rowan or anywhere that sells fine jewels. Thrill me, jewellery historians!

Previously on Symbolism Sunday:

The Lamb


The Maltese Cross / Cross Formée

The Rose

The Greek Keys

The Urn

The Poppy

The Forget-Me-Not

The Belt/Buckle/Garter

The Upside-Down Torch

The Peacock




The Cypress

The Lantern

The Elephant

The Pelican

The Arrow and Quiver

The Knot

The Grape

The Daisy

The Oak

The Acanthus

Revisiting The Trumpet

The Harp


The Acorn

The Trumpet

The Male

The Woman

The Three Graces

Faith, Hope and Charity

The Clover

The Willow

The Column

The Hourglass

The Serpent

The Dove

The Dog

The Angel

The Marigold / Lily

4 Responses to “Symbolism Sunday Memorial”

  1. Sandy Brosolo Says:

    Hi there – love your Sunday articles and appreciate all the effort you go to to present them. I collect Georgian mourning jewellery and each piece speaks to me, laden with emotion as they are. So keep up the good work (I wish you had a TV program similar to Antiques Roadshow – how great would that be?)
    Best wishes
    Sandy Brosolo

    • Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for those kind words; it’s great to hear from someone like yourself who has the passion for not only just collecting, but the history and the stories that these old things tell. That’s certainly what it’s all about for me!

      I’d love to do more in terms of either a video podcast or something a bit more interactive, I was giving it some serious thought a while back but I couldn’t get the production values quite right. If this was my full time profession and not just a hobby, I’d certainly give it 110%.

      I’ll keep hammering away at some more articles in the meantime, open to any suggestions or submissions!


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