Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales Medallion

April 19, 2011

Commemorative medallions, such as the piece above, are a popular part of the mourning industry.

Princess Charlotte Augusta, married to Prince Leopold, was mourned nationally, an event which which had grown with the passing of popular / royal figures and would continue further.

An example of this can be seen in the piece from Queen Mary II, but the custom was a popular one, notably used for Lord Nelson and reproductions of the Lord Nelson mourning ring made to commemorate his death.

Queen Victoria, Lincoln, Washington and many other popular figures would continue to be commemorated in this fashion (18th, 19th Century), which ties directly into the mourning industry. And facilitated a tremendous industry. Only by the first world war did events of this kind not hold their original resonance, however public memorials and mourning are still commemorated. Memorial items for popular events still continue also, such as rings made for the September 11 attacks and various items for the death of Princess Di.

Courtesy: Barbara Robbins
Inscription: Born Jan VII MDCCXCVII Married to H.R.H. Prince Leopold of Saxe Cobourg May 11 MDCCCXVI Died Nov VI MDCCCXVII
When the Ear Heard Her It Blessed Her And When The Eye Saw Her It Gave Witness to Her The Voice of Wailing is Heard: As the Morning Cloud , As The Early Dew, She Passeth Away

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