Symbolism Sunday, Pine

February 20, 2011

Symbolism Sunday - Pine Stick Pin

The pine cone is at the top!


Yes, it’s another Sunday and yes, this is a blog predominantly about mourning jewellery and right now, I’m pining for an easier symbol to write about. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the pine pops up here and there, but linking this back to jewellery should be a lot of fun. Here we go!

Pine has a long history of being one of the most commercially viable materials on the planet, its use for wood in some of societies most fundamental structures can’t be understated. Their biodiversity, evergreen nature, use as a food source and ubiquity bring them to the the forefront as a plant which has sustained cultures and it is only natural that they would be interpreted as such,

For this, the pine represents fertility, regeneration and fidelity. Naturally, we can consider that fertility is a given for its prolific growth (if you’ve ever noticed an abundance of pine cones while walking through the forest, you can understand why), regeneration, as the plant can be grown and harvested for materials and fidelity, as the tree is sustaining. Creativity, life and immorality are also associated with the pine.

So, how was it interpreted in jewellery? The pine was used in sentimental Neoclassical depictions post 1760 painted on ivory or vellum. Very rarely was it a central symbol or one that overtook other trees, but it was sometimes depicted in miniatures of sentimental scenes between lovers. The pine cone was used in the 19th century for charms and embellishments, however, it was never a symbol that grew to any great prominence.

And there we go! Pine is a wonderful tree to look for on a Sunday and if you find one used in jewellery, let me know and I’d love to show it on the site.

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