1915 Needlework Mourning Sampler

January 14, 2011

1915 Needlework SamplerA marked change from the earlier funerary symbolism can be seen with this piece, so a softer, more gentle ‘heavenly’ approach, showing cherubic angels and very soft colours.

1915 Needlework SamplerThis style still exists in different shapes and forms today in funerary art. The needlework in this piece is an excellent example of design and colour usage to present a well-balanced and professional piece. Notice the fine detail and dimension to the angels and flowers, which work incredibly well with the needleworked text.

Courtesy: Barbara Robbins
Year: c. 1915
Dedication: Nearer My God to Thee

2 Responses to “1915 Needlework Mourning Sampler”

  1. very beautiful! what are the angels and flowers made of? they aren’t stitched, right? is that typical? i’m interested in understanding this kind of multi-media approach.

  2. That’s an excellent question! I don’t have this piece, but I would assume that they were pressed/embossed paper or fabric and applied. It’s a method that could be applied in scrap-booking as well.

    On the other hand, you could press the paper and apply material over the top to retain the contour.

    Happy to open this one up to more suggestions!

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