English 1892 Mourning Needlework Sampler

January 4, 2011

English 1892 Mourning SamplerSet in its original English Oak frame with a metal backing, this superb sampler raises a lot of questions about its creation and function.

Originating in the Finchley Cemetery outside of London, it gives a heartfelt poem to Mary Coleman from her child (presumably daughter, if in fact created by her). However, this piece also has the number of the grave written in needlework on the bottom and the cemetery name.

English 1892 Mourning SamplerQuestions from this arise as to its original function; was it made to be used at the cemetery mausoleum (given its metal backing), or was it a household memorial that provided extraneous information? Either way, the piece is devoid of graphical embellishment and very prominent with its text, which isn’t unusual for samplers of this time, hence not indicating it being a marker specifically.

A beautiful and proud piece, it’s very heartfelt and sentimental in its personal nature.

Courtesy: Barbara Robbins
Year: 1892
Dedication: Mary Coleman

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