c.1870 Mourning Art

December 7, 2010

Here is an unfinished aspect to this work of art and a balance between realism and the surreal. In the foreground are medicines upon a table with a draped curtain sweeping in.

The dying subject with the angel above lays in bed and the most prominent figure of the woman kneels and prays in front. Notice how the piece becomes more immature and unrefined as it moves from left to right, underlining its unfinished nature.

1870 Mourning Art DrawingThe plant, angel, table and woman seem to be the most detailed and that leads to the thought that perhaps this is simply created for its artistic purposes and not intended to be a true representation of a scene. However, it may have an element of truth in it being a personal artistic piece, as it may reflect the person whom created it.

Courtesy: Barbara Robbins
Year: c.1870

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