Doing Your (Art of) Mourning Duty, Keep the Memory Alive!

October 5, 2010

Lord Hayden Peters on The Collectors ABCHelp keep mourning alive and not a forgotten memory!

What am I on about now? Well, I need your help in keeping Art of Mourning rolling along. How can you do this? Well, I urge you all to send out links to the site, post on Facebook or any other of the social networking sites out there, join the RSS feed, mailing list or Twitter and let your friends know about the site and all the hard work I put into writing about this fantastic (and quite lost) form of social culture!

You can use the ‘Share’ button down below or just get in touch with anyone out there, other blogs or if you have a friend who likes this old stuff to come and join in. I do all this work for you and the more people that can enjoy it only keeps the memory of this beautiful art form alive. Hopefully we can spur on new collectors and artists and mourning culture will once again enter the mainstream of modern culture.

And please keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter or post in the comments, I’m always about (being something of an internet boffin) and I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when the time comes when people make up jewellery in my memory.

Once you’ve done all that, come back in a few hours and we’ll spend some time together looking at photography in ephemera and then if you’re lucky, perhaps we can get emotional over a rather magnificent sentimental/mourning pendant.

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8 Responses to “Doing Your (Art of) Mourning Duty, Keep the Memory Alive!”

  1. S Says:

    The quality of your articles is unreal, and I’m grateful for all the time and effort you give so we can have this resource. Never lose that spark.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Shirley Tatum, Hayden Peters. Hayden Peters said: Help keep Art of Mourning alive, tell your friends (please)!: […]

  3. Laura Says:

    Well I posted a link on facebook & I spread the word (recommend ur website) whenever I’m blessed with a customer who wants to view something from the mourning cabinet (or Laura’s cabinet as it’s known). Picked up some lovely jet earrings yesterday, best Labour Day ever! Will say hello on facebook when I jump on at some stage. Yes, ur articles are unreal, very impressive indeed!

    • Laura, you’re magnificent! I’m always up for a natter if you see me on Facebook (I just wait for the time when anyone comes along who wants to hear me drone on about this old stuff) and I’d love to see these earrings, they sound fab.

      Also, do me a favour and if you have any pieces with the obt. being Dec 25, 31 and Jan 1, may I ask that you could shoot me some pics of them? I promise an article on each/all/everything!

      • Laura Masselos Says:

        Good morning!

        I’m fairly certain (98%) that the obt. dates aren’t any of those; although I realise the importance of those dates and how they would make an excellent article *wink*

        I’m certain my Georgian ring is May or June and my Victorian hairwork ring is October 😦

        I will get around to posting a few more photos on facebook; the Georgian pendant is nice though isn’t it? Such a small thing, yet SO detailed! A mini work of art. I’m afraid I lack the same enthusiasm for modern artwork…although not all of it is bad…now I procrastinate.

      • You caught me, I’m working hard on padding out the articles for the end of the year (hey, a lad’s gotta rest some time!), that said, I think I’ll do some writing about your piece, regardless of the dates, they’re just lovely.

        Basically, I’m a lucky boy, as I can just write on whatever I feel at the time and not feel pressured into anything, today I wrote an article for neoclassical vs. memento mori and another one for a locket ring, but I just do it on sight! So much fun, and I don’t even get a penny for the troubles, just pure love.

        I agree with you on modern art, though I work in that field, I can appreciate it and find it aesthetically correct, I even find it technically wonderful, but there’s a reason why I have a ‘Victorian Room’ in my house (which is slowly making its way throughout the entire place), that’s just where the heart is.

  4. Laura Masselos Says:

    Did Melbourne get ‘The Victorians’ art exhibition? It was showing at the Sydney Art Gallery until the end of July, occasionally they then go to Melbourne. It was AMAZING, well, amazing in the sense that they had a magnificent John Waterhouse oil which was HUGE, I sat in front of it for sometime…a shame they didn’t include more of his works though as I am particularly fond of Waterhouse & the Pre-Raphaelites.

    Yes, sorry I can’t help you with any of those dates; I imagine they’d be quite a rare thing actually? Wait until you see this Victorian Mourning ring; I’ll take photos over the weekend – I can’t get to the safe any sooner than that I’m afraid.

    You’re lucky you’re able to just blog about Mourning Jewellery, I only ever get a chance to talk about it on here, to be so knowledgeable is quite a treat. I find pieces then dive into research; then get excited about it all…

    At least you work in the art industry. I studied Ancient History & Early European History and ended up in FINANCE (OK and PT at an Antique Jewellery shop).

    • I could be off the mark, but I don’t think it’s been to Melbourne yet (the Victorians art exhibition), but there’s always something around of that ilk – it sounds right up my alley, though, and I’ll be rather sad if I miss it (may have to make up a memorial ring for it).

      No problems about the dates! I’m more excited about any jewels you can show me, that sounds just wonderful and having a jewellery shop as well as a steady gig? That’s pretty damn impressive! At least you can enjoy one and the other pays it off. I’m sort of blessed, as I got to follow my passion in design and then that pays for my other passion in jewellery, so I can’t complain (though being a creative director means I’m more or less barking what I want at people, other than getting my hands dirty, but such is life)!

      You know, I find these old jewels such a stress reliever, I’m often pulling 13hr days, so in my spare time, I just get intimate with something shiny and all my problems are just washed away. Hence why anything you can send through I’ll consider Hayden Therapy!

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