Art of Mourning Interview on The Modern Mourner

September 30, 2010

The Modern MournerMy good friend Shirley at The Modern Mourner has been gracious enough to sit down and interview me for her site and I’m very grateful for the privilege! The Modern Mourner is a wonderful website and Shirley is a brilliant artist, I’ll let her speak for herself:

“This project began for me when I lost my mother. As I dealt with my loss, I was surprised at how limited the options were for honoring her memory. At the funeral home, everything seemed cold, expensive and sterile. Nothing seemed to capture the warmth of who she was. I later knit her an urn cozy. I asked myself – why isn’t there anything out there like this?

As a culture, I believe we’ve lost the ability to grieve in meaningful ways. There’s no need to be morbid. And there’s no need to settle for rituals that feel cold and outdated. Just because someone has passed doesn’t mean that they aren’t still part of our lives. It’s my hope that the Modern Mourner will help provide contemporary ways to honor those we’ve loved and lost in positive ways.

I also believe that sentimental repurposing can be part of all stages of life. Instead of hauling that bag of old clothes to the Salvation Army, consider if it’s worth upcycling into something new. Transform a father’s stodgy business shirt into a cute little girl’s dress. Create a memory quilt from baby clothes or old t-shirts. Take a maternity dress and have it made into an apron. Clothing can be laden with memories, and it’s a shame to give everything away. Preserve memories and pass them on.

Thank you for visiting this site. Above all, the Modern Mourner is about joy, humor and happiness. After all, death is just part of life”

Sentiments I believe we can all live by. Thank you, Shirley and I hope you all go over to enjoy her wonderful site and products!

Link > The Modern Mourner

Link > Modern Mourner Interview

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