George V Memorial Card

September 29, 2010

Though of different shapes and sizes through the 19th Century, memorial cards, as the 20th Century evolved, cards became smaller (often more cost effective and easier for postage) as well more formal.

The use of symbolism in flowers and various artwork flourishes were becoming more standardised in funeral cards and many of the same designs continue to this day.

In the example of the George V card, it is a book format that came into play during the 1920s and 30s. Once again, the familiar black border is carried through, though quite elegantly to the envelope as well.

The photo of George V is inside, as well as simple typography, which is quite a distance from the earlier pieces of Victoria’s funeral. Notice the styling is a clear evolution of the form, however, though the styling to the front of the card (with floral / cross motifs) and the text ‘Peace, Perfect Peace’ are quite the herald for what would come.

Courtesy: Barbara Robbins

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