AOM in Sydney This Weekend

September 21, 2010

Lord Hayden Peters on The Collectors ABCFor one night only, I’ll be appearing in Sydney, Australia and perhaps hunting for the odd antique shop! From the 26th to the 27th, have you got any ideas of where to stop by and discover some treasures or have an adventure? Post in the comments or email me!

5 Responses to “AOM in Sydney This Weekend”

  1. Laura Says:

    Hi Hayden,

    Not sure whether you’ll be heading up towards the Blue Mountains (1 1/2hrs drive from Sydney) or only sticking to Sydney CBD, BUT at Blackheath Antiques (Blackheath Jewellery)there is an extensive display of Mourning Jewellery (mainly Victorian) with lots of Whitby Jet & Vulcanite pieces (as I just purchased a beautiful Victorian Whitby Jet Bracelet. Most excitingly, the owner just purchased a Georgian mourning piece which we haven’t displayed yet (as it’s a possible Laura purchase), it’s a small brooch, serpent eating its tail around the deceased hair in 15ct gold (so classic Georgian representing eternity). It’s to commemorate the death of Ann Bateman (Hester Bateman’s sister in-law) which is VERY exciting and a beautiful piece…but alas, I’m currently paying off a Georgian Mourning ring (which is just stunning as it commemorates the death of a 4 year old child, it’s a large ring, in sepia, gold and pearls with blue/white enamel around the edge showing a man grieving beside an urn, however the history of the Bateman piece (all engraved on the back & confirmed is a tempting purchase (to say the least)) SO….there are some REALLY exciting pieces in Blackheath Hayden, as for Sydney CBD, a few dealers I wouldn’t even recommend purely because we have had customers who purchased Whitby Jet pieces from them, which, when tested, weren’t Whitby Jet. And they’re Mourning pieces are few & far between. Enjoy Sydney. The weather is gorgeous!

  2. Hayden Says:

    Oh my lord, Laura, you are invaluable! I’m at a wedding at the moment, however I bow at the alter to your antiquing NSW wisdom! Will get back to you and let you know how it goes

  3. Laura Says:

    If you can get up this way, it’s well worth it. Ask Irene to show you the Ann Bateman piece; it’s lovely. There is also a lovely Victorian Mourning ring, set with a solitaire diamond which has the original obituary (newspaper article) folded inside the locket (ring opens at the front). We haven’t unwrapped the article to see what it reads, it’s too fragile, but interesting nonetheless.

    More than happy to be of assistance, Mourning Jewellery interests me a great deal and very few people agree with me, so finding someone who appreciates it just as much, is a blessing. Besides, your blog never ceases to surprise me; your most recent posts (particularly the Lover’s Eye) are just fascinating!

    • Booked in for tomorrow, and if I buy a jewel to remember the occasion by, it will be of you!

      I did find a lovely Jeweller near to the hotel & I intend to throw lots of money at them tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes…

  4. Laura Says:

    Excellent! Well it’s a lovely day up here today, so enjoy it. Do let me know what piece you buy if you do decide to buy something? And tell Irene, Laura sent you, she will look after you, (Irene is like my second mother) and do look at that Georgian piece, it would be interesting to know your thoughts about it?

    What did you find in Sydney? How exciting! A ring? A pendant? A nice Whitby Jet piece?

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