3 Members of a Family Mourning Ring with Diamond and Blue Enamel

September 10, 2010

3 Member Family Mourning Ring, Blue Enamel
Year: Easter Morn, April 5th, 1874 / August 2, 1869 / 1870
Dedication: “Papa” A. Lowe / M.M Lowe / N. Lowe

Matching the previous ring from the 18th Century in its nature, this ring has blue enamel and a diamond in the centre.

These two factors would indicate the wealth of the person it was made for, as diamonds weren’t the most common material for mourning jewels – remember that mourning is at its base a necessary custom and regardless of its height in fashion, presented grief was important for the family or self to display. Diamonds are often maintained for the much higher end of the scale, even when the various manufacturer or culture had greater access to them.

For this, the blue enamel signifies that the person, or persons in this case, were considered royalty and the tears of the pearls surround the heart of the diamond.

While small, its design is strong and bold, with hard, straight lines, rather uncommon for the 1860s and 70s.

But what is more important about this ring are the names written underneath. This has three names in all, even with the sentiments of ‘Papa’ and ‘Easter Morn’. ‘Easter Morn’ is quite uncommon and would almost be considered superfluous for a ring so small, but still, it shows that the ring was re-appropriated for the person who wore it to dedicate to more family members.

Underneath is a sealed compartment for hair, as well, just a charming little time capsule for the family.

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