A Late 19th Century Hairwork Ring

August 20, 2010

Hair BandCountry: U.S.A
Year: c. 1880-90

This band of hair is a testament to the hairworking industry in America of the time. Only the gold plaque on top reflects the dedication, as the hair becomes the primary material for the ring.

Pieces like this were produced in great numbers and ranged from love tokens to memorial pieces.

Often they are without any more inscription than initials in the top gold or Pinchbeck. Considered not as collectable as they were cheaper forms of the jewellery, often different weaves and sentiments make them special.

4 Responses to “A Late 19th Century Hairwork Ring”

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  2. I find this piece very interesting, and believe that similar jewelry would be popular today.

  3. […] A Late 19th Century Hairwork Ring […]

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