An Early Hair Ring: 1860 ‘My David’

August 3, 2010

My David Hair Ring 1860Courtesy: Sarah Nehama
Country: England
Year: 1860
Dedication: My David

Continuing our Friday look at all things lovely and late Victorian, here is a wonderful example of a 19th century, gold (tested) mourning ring with plaited hair band.

Hair Ring 1860The front of the ring has been engraved with ‘MY’ and then further around the band, D.A.V.I.D. on individual gold squares. These letters are equally spaced with the plaited hair running behind.

While these forms of memorial/sentimental band became the common form in late 19th century jewellery, their shape and construction became thinner and of poorer quality.

1860 Hair RingThey are quite easy to find for the collector and are often misrepresented as ‘mourning’ when they can also be purely of sentimental value. This piece, however, is a fine example of the progenitor of such bands; its construction and sentiment are unique – “My David” is an especially personal message for the wearer.

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