Art of Mourning Schedule Changes

July 26, 2010

Due to some overwhelmingly kind words and requests, Art of Mourning is going to be doing some changes to the daily update schedule! The blog will now be updated three days a week, which will give me time to spend on writing larger articles about mourning culture between the years of 1550 and 1920, showcasing jewellery and teaching you all how to be jewellery/art historians.

I will be posting more immediate news and updates based around antique fairs in between this three day schedule, so there is a good chance you’ll get daily updates as well, but the major three days will be spent getting under the skin of this wonderful area of history.

How committed am I to doing this right? Well, I’ve already got enough articles written to take us into early next year, featuring a series of in-depth looks at the history and use of mourning and memorial symbolism in jewellery, another series on memorial art and its evolution and a very thorough look at jet and its imitations.

Of course, I’ll be evaluating and reflecting upon various pieces of jewellery (feel free to submit pieces for my analysis if you like) to open these marvellous treasures from the past up for discussion.

Yes, it’s going to be very busy for all this memorial madness and I just can’t wait for you to come with me on the journey!

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One Response to “Art of Mourning Schedule Changes”

  1. Sandy Brosolo Says:

    Hello there, Many thanks for your interesting emails which I have copied and kept for future reference. I really appreciate the information as I am a beginner collector of Georgian mourning jewellery and need to learn all I can about the subject. I find the entire mourning genre, across all centuries, absolutely fascinating. Keep up the good work.
    Kind regards
    Sandy Brosolo

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