Williamstown Antique Fair 2010: Short, Sharp and Fabulous

July 18, 2010

Short, sharp and fabulous doesn’t just relate to my person, but to the fabulous Williamstown Antique Fair, held on the 18th of July, 2010!

Yes, it was a fair that really felt like the after-party to the rather heavy antique fair season in Melbourne, the mood was a little quieter, but the energy was felt throughout. I took a moment to reflect and to spend a good amount of money on some treasures. What did I end up with? Well, this for starters:

This piece has been on my radar for some time, but the excellent feeling inside the venue (finally, a fair without feel over-crowded) and a nice conversation with the seller led me to just go with my heart and get it. What is it? A lovely 1840s brooch with a hair memento in the back, a turquoise forget-me-not with diamond centre and Gothic Revival lettering surrounded by some Neo-Rococo excess. Yes, it truly is stunning and it just felt ‘right’ to have. I’ll write more about it in the future, but for the moment, enjoy the quick pic taken at the fair.

I also ended up with an Art Deco glass cocktail set, replete with green and gold banding, a late Victorian locket and a modern pendant watch with 1830s styling (yes, sometimes wearing modern things makes me feel less guilty about destroying the past). A cute little watch with black enamel and quite wearable.

What more is there to say? I’ve already spoken about the venue in previous posts and the location is nice and local for people within about 20km of Melbourne city, so it’s one of those great fairs to spend a lazy day at, along with your cash. Williamstown Antique Fair, my hat is off to you!

P.S Don’t forget to follow my Twitter stream, there were lots more pictures from the day and you had the chance to follow the fair with me!

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