Show and Tell

June 28, 2010

QuestionSo, it’s Monday, the weekend is now just a memory (perhaps we should have some jewellery made to remember it by). This begs the question – did you find anything wonderful on the weekend and if so, what was it?

Tell all in the comments below!

2 Responses to “Show and Tell”

  1. Clara Meskauskas Says:


    My husband and I were antiquing in Sebastopol on Friday, and I found a wonderful treasure. It caught my eye in the jewelry case at an antique mall because it was so unusual looking, and upon closer examination, I believe it is a late 19th/early 20th century example of a custom mourning ring, created from a piece of a necklace.

    I believe it is 1/3 of a high quality necklace,that was originally composed of two scalloped parts on either side, with a scalloped piece in the center. The side piece that is the top of this ring is curved like a soft “L” on the inside, and the outside is scalloped. Materials are gold for the foundation and outside edge, a line of deep cobalt glass enamel inside the gold edge, and the center piece is an assembly of diamonds in openwork, set in yellow gold that is “topped” with platinum to give it a white appearance.
    Underneath the top piece is a skirting that has been custom made to follow the shape of the top, and is all yellow gold. It has been very nicely engraved all around.

    SIDE SHANKS/BAND: Made of yellow gold, they come up the sides of the skirting to just underneath the top. The shape of the side pieces is coffin shaped, accented with blue enameled engraving. In the middle of the blue enameled engraving, there is a cross engraved.

    DATING: Given the style of the top piece, and the fact that the platinum top is mounted on yellow gold, I would place the manufacture of the top piece at around 1890, and I think the ring might have been made some time around 1900-1910? It’s definately a custom piece, commisioned by someone to carefully preserve this piece of necklace. Ordinarily I would have thought it was just a way to utilize a piece from a necklace that had been badly damaged or something…but the coffin shapes on the side shanks along with the crosses engraved in the middle of them make me feel as though this was a piece created in memory of a lost loved one. Perhaps there were 3 daughters who each took a piece of their mother’s cherished necklace as a memento after she died? In either case, it’s obvious that it was a quality job, and not something hastily slapped together.

    I’m thrilled with my new piece, and look forward to continued research on it. If you’ve ever seen a piece like this I’d love to know about it!



  2. Clara, this sounds magnificent – have you got any pictures you’d like to share? If so, please email me!

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