You Can’t Beat the Tweet / The Way We Wear Fair 2010

June 20, 2010

It’s been an active day tweeting from the floor of The Way We Wear Fair 2010 at Williamstown Town Hall and there was lots of fun and excitement!

If you want to read my live updates of the event, perhaps you’ve noticed the little ‘Tweeting Sentimental’ area on the right hand side of the website. If you have, then you know that Art of Mourning is also on Twitter and posting from all the events I head out to!

Of course, I like to give a run down of the day on the blog, but to follow me on the tweet is to follow me at the show. The link is:

Ok, now I’m getting ready to shoot a segment for a television show called ‘The Collectors’ in Australia, so I’m a touch busy at the moment, there’s lots more to come, however!

But I highly urge you all to read yesterday’s post, that one is really important for anyone who wants to be a jewellery historian, or at least, be able to evaluate their wares.

And how was the fair today? The exhibitions were better than the exhibitors. Very thin on the ground for mourning and sentimental jewels, what was there was very over-priced. Otherwise, the antique costumes were magnificent and if you’re following the tweets, the highlights were the Edward VII motoring coat and the display of wedding frocks – absolutely excellent.

Strap yourselves in, lots more mourning memorabilia to come!

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