Spotlight On: Fob Accessories

June 16, 2010

As a gentleman’s accessory, the fob chain was one of the primary items in men’s fashion, being the functional item that would connect the watch to the body. The fob chain has gone through many permutations throughout history, being used to hold seals and other paraphernalia, but I’m not going to focus on them at the moment, I’d rather look upon its importance as an item that could hold sentimental items.

In this case, we have a locket attached to the chain (in the centre), dating from the latter 19th century. This particular style was quite common for its time, with hairwork fob chains being one of the more typical memorial and sentimental items that a man could accommodate into his daily fashion. Note the wonderful forget-me-nots put into the gold-work’s design, latter Victorian artistry was giving way to more organic depictions in art, as this is presented in a less formal way that the Neo-Rococoisms of earlier times. I’ll be posting more of other items that could be found on the chain, such a sentimental tokens/charms, and other items of affection.

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