Hunting Season

June 9, 2010

QuestionIt’s that time of the year in Melbourne, the days are getting a little shorter and a little darker, the temperature is cooler and the antique fairs are hitting thick and fast.

There aren’t as many as several years ago, but perhaps that’s a good thing. When you have several fairs on week after week for a short period of time, there is the danger of ‘antiques fatigue’, when your brain is addled from the long drives, muscling through people trying to look at a cabinet and the eventual decline in the size of your wallet. Sometimes a break is a good thing.

So how do you handle it? Do you go to every fair at any time of the year with nothing holding you back? Or are you a little more discerning and save yourself for what you consider the ‘good stuff’?

Post away in the comments if you can!

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