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June 8, 2010

Trocadero is another one of those online forums for me to find new and inventive ways to spend my time and money. Bless it for that, I wish there were more.

Trocadero is a little behind the curve in terms of web design and functionality, the user experience is a long way behind Ruby Lane, but there are some great antique dealers on there and I’ve found some magnificent pieces over the years. It runs by the same general principle as Ruby Lane, where you conduct business with the seller directly and the website only acts as a store for you to search, view and connect.

It’s great to have online forums for sellers outside of eBay, eBay’s competition and indirect approach make it rather faceless at times and many reputable sellers become faceless and lost in the mix.

So, my hat’s off to Trocadero – go take a look!

One Response to “Link of the Day:”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Here’s a shout-out to Granite Pail Collectibles on Trocadero. Owned by Laura Nagan Brown, she has some of the nicest mourning pieces both Georgian and Victorian, and very fairly priced. (They sell fast!) Laura also has antique portrait miniatures, and beautiful antique handbags. And she’s a very knowledgeable and a lovely lady.

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