Things Gone By

May 25, 2010

I’m going to take a moment to reflect upon an internet institution (and an antique one) that has been carrying the torch for excellent quality antiques for quite some time. That bastion of all things old is Things Gone By, a website/store run by Darlene Bolyard.

Apart from being very kind to me in the past, one of the reasons why Darlene is quite extraordinary is that she keeps a catalogue of her sold wares and it makes for fascinating viewing. Even if I’ve sat there in awe looking at the things I’ve missed, I still get a thrill from looking at the virtual museum of beauty.

Darlene is quite visible at a lot of US antique shows/fairs and the quality of her items is quite special. Also, she offers the below help if you’re after that special item:

“Are you looking for something special that isn’t on our site? We travel extensively throughout the US and Europe searching for unique, high quality antiques and antique jewelry to offer our clients. Please feel free to leave any special requests in our customer comment book or contact us directly.  You’ll find that our products include items such as antique cameo brooches to Victorian rings, as well as an array of Edwardian jewelry and Georgian jewelry.  You will also find fine antique bracelets and authentic antique gold jewelry among our collection.  We invite you to view our selection of antique earrings and Victorian jewelry, not to mention our antique jewelry rings and antique cameo jewelry.”

So I encourage you to visit her site and have a look at some of her recent and past items, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show!

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