Antique Collectors Club

May 17, 2010

Whilst I may be all post-modern in my views on traditional print (get used to looking at computer screens, people), there’s something wonderful, tactile and ‘real’ about magazines and print in general. Nothing feels quite the same, whatever I write on this blog is transient and will disappear into the ether, but print makes it legitimate.

Also, print looks a hell of a lot better, images just stand out and that’s why my little library-at-home is bursting at the seams.

Before I ramble on any longer, let’s look at Antique Collecting, The Journal of the Antique Collectors’ Club, a wonderful magazine that I suggest you all subscribe to. If you’re an antique collector, be it in the UK, Australia or the US, you’re going to appreciate the brilliant work of the journalists behind it and the magnificent production work on the magazine.

I think their spiel on the website says it all:

The ACC was the first to publish Price Guides.

The magazine contains high quality images clarifying written information as well as showing recent sale items.

Where to go to find what you need, what’s on, auctions, exhibitions and fairs.

The ACC publishes vigorous books and articles about the realities of the world of antiques, art and collec-tables. The magazine contains a wealth of information for collectors and dealers alike.

The ACC’s authors, professional experts and commentators are knowledgeable, practical and highly readable. New sources of information and research provide reasons why collecting generates such enthusiasm.

It’s very hard to find a good, respectable resource for antique collecting and this one really shines above all the rest. Go throw some money at them!

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