Is It Secret? Is It Safe?

May 8, 2010

Asking a jewellery collector (or any collector, for that matter) about their safe is much akin to asking them how they make love to their spouse or what kind of underwear they’re wearing.

The safe is a personal thing which any great detail on can divulge the mystery of how to access one’s collection or even its location. Personally, I keep my things far away from me at all times as I’m dreadfully paranoid and have known several of my friends to be robbed.

So, firstly, my suggestion is to spend a good deal of money getting a very secure safe. We’re a long way from professional safe-crackers and cat burglars seen in the movies, but the easier it is to break something open or carry it away, the more likely that you’ll never see it again. So spend well and wisely, anchor it to the floor or anything around as well.

Also, there are systems that you can outfit your safe to make sure that there’s temperature and humidity controlled areas, which is ideal for ivory and hairwork. By their very nature, safes should have ambient temperature and also be fire-proof (the good ones).

Another thing to consider is the type of mechanism that you want. Do you want a digital system or an older tumbler mechanism? As long as the quality is good, you should be fine, but do your research about what is best. Also, don’t forget your code and if  there are keys, make sure they’re well kept.

If anyone has any suggestions for the ideal safe, post in the comments below!

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