May 3, 2010

QuestionI often get asked the question about memorial and sentimental accessories. What is the definition of this? Well, that’s largely subjective, people may consider the jewellery to be an accessory of clothing, others perhaps the other way around.

Some consider the accoutrements on the periphery of fashion or the transient items that follow a short cultural phenomena in fashion to be the accessories. The superfluous things that one generation couldn’t reuse and an item that may have had a short production life.

Personally, I tend to look on the smaller items made for mourning to be the accessory, jewellery and costume are the most presentable and vocal pieces of personal mourning or sentimentality, whereas cuff-links or hat pin may be on the outer fringe.

I’ll be discussing this topic more in the future, but I’m opening up the floor and I want to know what you think is an ‘accessory’?

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