Spotlight On: Bracelets

April 22, 2010

Mourning BraceletPopularity of the bracelet worked well with the neoclassical movement of the latter 18th Century. The size, and reliance on classical fashion, provided a good display for grand pieces upon the wrist. This particular bracelet has a large hairwork panel inside clasp with the pearls delicately strung from the clasp. Pieces of this time housed wonderful hairwork panels, miniatures and neoclassical depictions. These ranged from mourning to sentimental, but are all equally grand.

Note the intricacy of the table-worked hair and the floral motifs that are blended in with the gold. Also, the variety of coloured enamel is quite special, showing green, white and black.

Year: 1783
Dedication: “R Legard. July 1783, ae 34.”

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