Spotlight On: Sir William Ellis Mourning Ring

April 3, 2010

Sir William Ellis (1609-1680) Mourning RingThis ring is dated 80 (1680), and it is a memorial ring for Sir William Ellis (1609-1680) who was a prominent lawyer under Oliver Cromwell.

In 1654 he was appointed solicitor-general. As solicitor-general, he took part in the prosecution of Gerhard, Vowell, and Somerset Fox on the charge of corresponding with Charles Stuart and conspiring to assassinate the Protector (Cromwell).

Sir William Ellis (1609-1680) Mourning Ring BackThe style of the design in this piece matches the usual memento mori style of being a band decorated with the memento mori motifs in enamel around the outside. The Band was popular at this time, complementing the popular crystals of the time. Often, a blend of the two were created and will be shown in later posts.

Country: England
Year: 1680
Dedication: “Sr W E ob 2nd of Dec 80. ‘W’ hallmark

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