Spotlight On: Charles II Pendant

March 31, 2010

Charles II PendantNot a mourning piece, but certainly sentimental, this portrait of Charles II is a symbol of dedication to the crown. The symbolism is wearing a locket over the heart makes this piece important in its sentimentality, as it isn’t simply a portrait of Charles II.

This could be displayed or hidden beneath clothes, as the surroundings permitted. Match the quality of the piece to the ring of Charles I and see the similarities between the two, specifically in the style of the portrait. Both of these pieces, though from different times, were created for the same purpose in their devotion, and both are ideal examples of their time.

The exquisite example below from 1703 has gold wire cipher, hair and silk underneath the Stuart crystal. The motifs of the cherubs and the skull and crossbones are common for this time, as well as the shape of the heart pendant.

One Response to “Spotlight On: Charles II Pendant”

  1. Wonderful site. Will be back. Love 17th century mourning jewelry.

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