(Almost) The Spoils of War….

March 18, 2010

Well, not really. My sidekick J and I hit the road last Saturday for a full road-trip, but the day took its toll on us and we only ended up at the Daylesford Mill Markets. How did it turn out? Follow on!

The Mill Markets… I have such fond memories of this wonderful enterprise. Back in the day, the Mill Markets were only in an old mill at the entrance to Geelong (so it wasn’t too bad driving there for a lazy afternoon) and the size + amount of dealers in the place was phenomenal. There was an entire other area the size of a large factory that had an expanse of old junk from the trailers of locals who dumped their goods. It was magnificent. For a short time, there was even a really good antique fair there… *sob*

The Daylesford Mill Market is where a lot of the Geelong dealers migrated to before the move to a less accessible/fun/interesting/large place of Geelong. Hence, my sidekick J had a good time enjoying the raw energy that I felt when I first entered the Mill Markets all those years ago!

The first room is in the shape of a long hall, to the left is another warehouse sized room with all sorts of eclectic things.

Not a great place for the jewellery historian. I did see a rather naff pinchbeck brooch that could have been worth nearly $80, but it was priced to $360, so I decided to move along.

One of the better things about the Markets are the abundance of vintage clothing, for a gent with a soft spot for old tailoring, a lad is in heaven.

A short tale to tell is that back in the day, the good Lady K and I made a bundle reselling from a dealer who was selling original Star Wars toys and merch for no money, so we took opportunity from that.

And what did I nearly fall in love with, you scream into your keyboard? Well, it was a watch, of all things. There was a quite nice little ladies hunter case watch that I thought was cute and nearrrrrly came close to buying. There was also a very late 19th century silver bracelet for very little money, but I’ve got to remind myself that I’ve got enough of that.

One or two other items did catch my eye, but nothing that really escapes me.

All in all, it was just a damn good day and a hell of a lot of fun. If you’re in Victoria and want to have a day trip, I highly recommend it!

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