Shame On You

March 9, 2010

To follow up to my last post ‘Fool Me Twice…‘, I do recall the very same dealer venting his lack of business management upon me again.

‘Hayden!’ he called over the store, ‘I have just the thing for you! I know you like dead people’s hair and I’ve got a hair wreath, come look!’

Not sure if ‘liking dead people’s hair’ was a compliment or not, I followed on. Eventually we reached a cabinet with a small 5″ box, inside was a meagre, but nice enough piece of hairwork. I’ve got quite a bit of it and a few wreaths (of course) and I know the prices well enough. This one read ‘$2500.00’. Coughing to restart my heart, I put it down. ‘Wow, what a wonderful piece!’ I said, ‘Gee, it’s really beautiful, but unfortunately, I have one really similar, but thank you so much for showing me.’

He looked at me as if I had just spat in his face. ‘You have one like this??’, I said yes. Angrily, he slammed the cabinet shut and stormed off. I still bought a brooch on that particular day from them.

About a year later I came back and it was still there. Doing a lap of the store, I noticed it had gone. I made a few purchases and while I was pouring the last ounce of blood from my credit card, I decided to ask him about it. ‘Hayden!’, he shouted, eyes wide, ‘You’re TOO LATE! Too late! A woman came in here just before and put it aside!’ he reached to his right and, still looking directly at me, lifted a card from a pile and slammed it face down on the counter in front of me. With his hand firmly on the card so I couldn’t see its details, he said ‘This woman said it was the best piece she had ever seen and you were just too late!’

‘Oh, another collector?’ I asked.

‘She’s known all around the world for her taste! And you were too late! If you’d only come in earlier! Next time you’ll know to BUY IT FIRST!’

I was even more shocked when I came back to the store a week later and saw it back in the same spot in the cabinet. I guess that mythological collector thought it wasn’t so good after all.

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