Fool Me Twice…

March 7, 2010

Once upon a beautiful Melbourne day, I was at an antique shop looking for jewellery and a few extra items for a loved one’s birthday gift.

At a known dealer in an affluent suburb in town (whom I’ve been going to for a few of decades), I spotted a couple of miniatures, rings, a brooch and then I saw some enamelled spoons. The spoons were nice, nothing too opulent, but good examples of sterling Edwardian coloured guilloche enamelled teaspoons all the same.

Now, I’d been going to this antique centre and knew the chap well enough. Being young on appearance, I don’t think he ever respected me, but he did respect my money. Usually, the dealers will offer 10% less on items, so it was never taboo to ask, they can always say no.

So, I did the unthinkable and asked for a discount on the spoons, as they were nice, but there were others down the street waiting to be bought as well for less money and I’d rather give my dosh to this place.

‘Who do you think you are?’ he shot back.

Aghast, I replied ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I just thought…’

‘Do you know how hard we have it? Who do you think you are to stand there and ask that?’

‘Gee, has business been going well?’

‘Going well? We’re flat out! Look around you, see how busy it is!’

I looked around and the centre was empty apart from the two of us.

‘Ok, well, I want all these items, please.’

He huffed and stormed over to the counter, red faced and frowning. ‘You’ve got some cheek asking me about business!’

I was really getting angry myself, now, I really didn’t see the insult, or perhaps he had a bad day. ‘So, I take it you don’t want my money?’

‘No, no,’ he said in a way that suggested it wasn’t too much effort for him, ‘it’s fiiiine.’ The sarcasm oozed from his pores.

Well, he’s no longer working there and thankfully the experiences have been good ever since!

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