HeroBracelets.org, Modern Mourning Jewellery

March 5, 2010

Quite a wonderful enterprise is what Chris and his team are doing at herobracelets.org, I’ll let him explain:

“HeroBracelets.org was started for two reasons. First, we wanted to pay our respects and honor the members of the Armed Forces that had fallen in the conflict around the world. During the 2004 election, we saw politics get in the way of respect when the act of reading the names of those killed in action became a political tool to be used or repressed. We felt this was just wrong. We believe, that as Americans, we should all show our respect and honor those who have lost their lives in service to their country. This isn’t about politics. Whatever one’s political convictions or views on the Iraq war, or any way, respecting those who are in the fight should come first.

The second reason was money. We saw how little most of these families got, as little as $12,000 in death benefit. We decided that there must be a way to both honor these men and women and help get more money to their families.”

So far, Chris has made in excess of two hundred thousand dollars for families by selling these bracelets and herobracelets.org is really to be commended for it. A wonderful look at a new medium of mourning jewellery!

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