Fool Me Once…

March 4, 2010

Once upon a time, a dealer (whom I had known for many years) decided to end a good relationship.

This dealer in a regional area of Victoria offered me to go through a large box of jewellery, odds and ends (which she classified as ‘junk’) with the understanding that I would make her an offer for the box.

After driving there once (a 2hr drive), I arrived, she hadn’t bought along the box like she had said, so I enjoyed the day there. She rang me a few days later and said she would bring it on a Friday. Taking the day off work, I made the trek back there and pulled up a pew with the box. She had set aside a table and a private area for me to spend some time.

Inside the box was quite a lot of costume jewellery, odds and ends of jet, buttons, bits and pieces. Nothing too exceptional, but nice.

I spent a good 3hrs going through the box and sorting it out. I put it all into categories of good to bad. Essentially, I’d pay a premium for the good items and leave the bad, I wasn’t greedy and I’ve never tried to cheat a person from their money.

After I indicated my intentions, she looked at me and growled ‘I’m not selling you anything!’

‘What,’ I exclaimed, ‘I just spent three hours going through all this and I thought we had an understanding? I’ll even give you top dollar for the lot, a lot of it is average, but that’s all right.’

She pointed to the pile with the jet. ‘So, these are the good ones?’ I said they were ,’well, I’m not selling you anything, I’m taking them to Sydney and making my money there.’

And that was that. Much of my time lost and she got free evaluations for her things.

Incidentally, it’s been 6 years and she still has those items in her cabinet. C’est la vie.

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