Cause For Concern / Is It or Isn’t It?

March 4, 2010

If you’ve ever looked at a piece and wondered about it being real or not, or if there’s any doubt in your mind about it being correct, then you have a definite cause for concern and if it’s not what you want or you don’t like it aesthetically, perhaps it’s best to put it back.

But for some of us, you have to have it. Fair enough, you’re only human.

Let us take a quick look at this piece. It looks good on the face of it, but have a look at the solder at the base of the memento on the pin. Should that solder be there? The photo doesn’t really do it justice, so can we really tell?

Also, look at the edging to the gold around the memento. It seems to be undulating. Concerned yet? It’s very easy to be reactionary when it comes to looking at jewellery; you can either swing very hard against or for an opinion, but it’s always safe to be impartial. Unless something is undoubtedly incorrect and it’s being claimed otherwise, then it’s easy to give judgement. Otherwise, if you’re left to your own opinion without any other input, then you must question yourself.

Is it a marriage? Is it correct? The elongated oval shape of the memento and the the eternity twist/buckle do look like they go together, but that solder does raise questions. Perhaps it had damage or a hard life? I think that a piece like this is much more fun to question, because telling if it is or isn’t from the quality of the images and the subtle issues to its build is such a delicate process. I would be more wary of anyone who can swoop in and pass instant judgement, having a preternatural insight like that is incorrect. Question why it was built, who it may have been for, when you believe it was made.

Perhaps it is, or perhaps it needs further investigation…

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