“It’s for the Money” – Passion vs The Almighty Dollar

March 2, 2010

When I start to tell people about my unhealthy obsession with all things gold and shiny, the first thing they say is that ‘at least you won’t lose money’. If this is a backhanded, though polite, way to exit the conversation, it does raise a good point; is it for the love of collecting or is it really for the money?

With me, there’s really no question why I do what I do. It’s for the passion and when I go, all my pieces will end up in a museum, there’s no way that I’ll let them go.

Case in point; many years ago, a lady was once selling her family pieces from 1760 to 2000. Her children only wanted three items of money and no sentimental value. She was going to break them up, but I said I would buy them all as long as she could write down their history and provenance. She accepted and I bought her family’s history, including rings, miniatures, bracelets and  the like. Most were marked and involved members of the household as well as family (portraits with hair of servants , etc). And I’m the caretaker for these things, I wouldn’t break them up and it’s my way of keeping that love for the family alive.

So, is it for money? No doubt these items have appreciated and for the right person, one could make a great deal. Will I ever sell them? No. I’d sooner live in a cardboard box with some nice rings.

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